Pictures from some of our trips.

Working on the Photo section below. Will have more up shortly.

Photo Gallery from past trips.

It runs from the bottom to the top as we have not finished riding as yet. During our rides we promote FOUR things and they are

The Doctor Wings Bike Force. The Volunteers for MARI M.A.R.I.

Being Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative.  

RFDS being the Royal Flying Doctor Service Australia.  

CHECK OUT Your Own Backyard Before you Go Overseas.

The Rally at Tottenham this year 16th 17th &18th September 2016 has been postponed to a date to be announced. Will post as soon as the information comes to hand. The venue at the Racecourse is under flood damage at the moment.

Below we have a collection of photos taken over the last few years of the Far Cairn Rally at Tottenham NSW This incredible event is organized by the Men and Women of the BMW Touring Club of NSW. On the 16th,17th & 18th of September 2016 it will be for the Ninth year running. This Rally is the major fund raiser for M.A.R.I and the work of the Doctor Wings Bike Force.

Because of the generous donation from George & Charis Schwarz the M.A.R.I Initiative started.
The BMWT NSW Registration Tent at the Tottenham Race Course
The Crew on the Hill at Tottenham. September 2014
You only have to look in any direction and you will see MARI Team Members amongst the crown.
The assistant CEO Warren Buffett chilling in front of the Fire at the Rally.

The crowd on the hill having a minutes silence for Ian Horsburgh.

Past just after last years Rally 2014 taken out by an EMU

The BIG Fire is always a Big hit at the Tottenham Race Course
Some on the hill bring a bit of class to the Far Cairn Rally.
Check out this motley crew.

Alan Peters President of BMW Touring Club NSW presenting a cheque from the past rally takings to Ken Lovegrove the CEO of M.A.R.I Australia Inc (Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative)

Riders Caring for Riders Beyond Medicine.

Alan Peters holding the Certificate of Appreciation given to him for the Clubs Support.
MARI Supporters in every direction.
They get a real good roll up at this rally from all points of the countryside. The longest Rider and Pillion last two years was over 1500K's
All Makes and Models rock up for this one.
Warren on Left and Ken on the right. Both passionate about assisting riders and their passengers, that have been injured from being in Motorcycling Accident.
Alan Peters, a huge supporter of MARI and a driving force behind the BMW Touring Club of NSW
Bill Looyen on Left and Greg Burke on Right, never far from a drink and something to nibble on. In a prime spot on the hill to watch the movie for the nights entertainment.
Some of the campers have nearly all the comforts of home with them.
Taking time to reflect.

They sometimes crash out anywhere to get their breath back after their long days ride.

Ge, it might be the wife on the phone better answer it smartly.

The trophy's that are presented to the riders are very unique in them selves. No store bought for this lot. All hand made with Luv. Rob Edgar made these, very unique.

Categories, for trophy's

longest distance rider male

longest distance rider female

longest distance pillion

oldest combined bike and rider

youngest rider

longest distance sidecar

hard luck.


Until once again they were on the open road and they were gone. Eager to get home after 50 days and four and a half states doing 12,500 k;s after me shortening of the trip a little due to a bike breaking down and the rider and his wife leaving us to return home earlier than planed to organize getting his bike home from Darwin. A big thanks to all for their contribution and effort that made the trip worthwhile.
As the crew started to get amongst some traffic they bunched up to stop from being separated with lights and slower cars.
The country side is starting to green up again and all this rain certainly helps the farmers.
Further along the road it got worse if that was possible.
It was a great day to ride home it was bucketing down. The residents of Tamworth thanked us for bringing the rain.
Some of our DR Wings team along with members of the Ulysses Club of Tamworth and BMW Touring Club of NSW Not all were able to fit into the photo.  With out these guys MARI would not be possible a big thanks to you all.
Tamworth NSW
While we were in Tamworth we had a chance to have a look at the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum that was just up the street from the Big 4 Caravan Park where we were staying. As they were our major sponsors for this section of the trip. Ray and I were not looking at the Camera as we were watching the Movie Any Sunday a Classic on the screen to our right.  The museum has a good range of bikes on display some original and the rest restores. Its a credit to the owner Greg Maguire as they are all owned by him.
Big Bails of cotton awaiting processing at the Cotton Gin Plant in Moree.
These cotton picking machines are huge.
Two Members of the local Lions Club of Moree Presented us with a cheque for the RFDS for $500.00
Received a Donation from Lions Club Australia Moree Lions Club
We were able to get a photo with a few of the local Ulyssians from the Moree Branch while we were getting the camp packed up to leave for Tamworth.

              Supported by Neville and Roz Rose

                                        President and Secretary of Cotton Country Cruisers

Moree Champion
Photo taken outside Moree Hospital at the conclusion of talks with Anne Lemmon Moree Community Health Nursing Unit Manager,about them coming onboard with M.A.R.I
You have to keep an eye on them in Moree they seem to land anywhere they like. This left over from the New Guinea Air Force is now for kids to play in at the Amaroo Tavern Moree NSW.
Heaps of memorabilia inside this Pub.
This is a photo of the man that won the Raffle at Nindigully while we were there with two of the Bar Maids, He said his name was Pig Dog! Like a Pig Dog when I grab hold of you I don't let go.
Balonne Beacon Newspaper St George Qld
Check out the size of the Burger, its what Nindigully is famous for is its Huge Burgers.  This is nearly unbelievable when you first clap your eyes on it. Feeds around 30 people at a cost of $160.00.
This one is a fraction smaller it only feeds 8 to 10 people that are hungry.The cost I think is around $80.00  its Huge.
Nindigully Pub is situated on the Moonie River.
The Nindigully Pub Outback Queensland. Supporting us and helping us with a raffle to raise funds as well during our stay with them. It is situated 43k south of St George Qld. as must for all Motorcyclists to see.
Above David from Riversands Wines QLD he really has some nice wines and Ports for you to try so ask for them in you Grog Shop

A quick coffee and biscuit break at Mungallala before heading to the St george turn of just before Mitchell.

The inside view of Ray & Pat Bakers Camper Bus after a Wedge tail Eagle dropped in for a chat at Morven on our way to St George Qld. He was a part a a group of birds helping Rooted get of the black stuff.
Rail Ambulance as shown above started in WW1 with Nurses manning to help the wounded soldiers. This is on display at the rear of the museum along with many more exhibits.
Historic House in Charleville is worth a look. It has old vehicles and machinery in pristine condition as well as a walk through the past on display.
Ken having a photo with Dana Lawton one of the announcers at 4RR FM Clarksville QLD after a great interview to help spread the word about the Royal Flying Doctor and the Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative and us taking it throughout Australia.Logo below
Fronted up at the Charleville Hospital to speak with Melinda Brassington about the M.A.R.I  Initiative and how it will help them with their patients recovery.
The new Royal Flying Doctor Base at the Charleville Airport under construction.
The Skippys near the Hospital were keen to give me directions to the RFDS Base at the end of the road.
Clean Modern Amenities with a twist
Spacious Camp Sites

                        Western            Ali Kuchel Journalist for the Western

        Times                               Times Charleville Qld.

They have comfortable Cabins

Wendy and the Girls cooking up a storm at Bailey Bar in Charleville as they were

our sponsors for that section of the trip and really looked after us during our stay.

Ken standing outside the Charleville RFDS Base with Manager Kate McGowan
Some people end up devoting all their lives to making a difference.
Photo taken outside Charleville Base.
You really need to keep an eye on the Ants in Augathella Queensland. The home of the Movie "SMILEY"
How Big is our Beautiful Country.
Sunset at the Starlight lookout Long Reach Qld.
Photo: Jigsaw and I and the Melbourne cup.
Lachie Cossor astride Jigsaw holding the Melbourne Cup aloft.
Myself, Lachie and a great old bull Jigsaw
This is one way of cleaning the hooves of a horse. As long as the horse likes laying on his back.
This statue of a stockman represents all those that have helped to shape our country.
Lachie Cossor has such a great contact with all his animals, they trust him very much. Lachie is a fourth generation Australian Cowboy. He has driven cattle all over during his time on the land.
Lachie Cossor astride his pet Bull at the Outback Show Stockman's Hall of Fame Long Reach QLD
An incredible display with in the Hall of fame for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Left to Right John, Glenda, Norm, Ray, Pat, Paul and Ken outside the Stockman's Hall of Fame.

All the bikes proudly displayed outside the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach Qld

 The displays inside are of a scale that I have not seen before a real credit to them.

A couple of Brolgas just strolling by in the Longreach Tourist another pair a satisfied guests.
When you are standing under the wings of these mighty planes you come to realize how big they really are.

John Smith, Paul Cracknell, Norm Farrell, Pat & Ray Baker, Ken & Glenda Lovegrove

are some of the DR Wings Team going Throughout Australia.

Ken & Glenda inside the engine bay of a 747 Boeing Jumbo Jet.
On the wing of a Boeing 747 at Longreach. Welcome to the Qantas museum at Longreach Qld.
This is a photo is of a portion of their stage backyard at Longreach.
Richard of Kinnon & Co take you back in time when Cobb & Co was the name of the Transport Company not the XPT Rail or Greyhound Coaches of the day.
Richards two sons Lane & Jeremy Kinnon hard at it with with their daily stage show all part of the outback Cob & Co experience.
All the family including their Cockatoo wants to be apart of the show.
We are hooking the team up to the wagon to take you for the ride of your life.


They fix an excellent meal on site as well.

The staff goes to a lot of trouble to take your photo to during your stay.
Richard Kinnon with his Horse that wishes he can talk.
ABC News QLDDanny Kennedy Breakfast Presenter Longreach

The home of KINNON & CO at Longreach

This family has a bog go for the town. It turns out they are the majority of the tourist attractions in the town. Offering Cob & Co Wagon Ride with a show and morning or afternoon tea included.

Paddle Boat Cruise with movie and light show and meal.

Come to Longreach and experience the Family of Kinnon & Co
The Walkabout Creek Hotel McKinlay Qld. Now with new management.  A great Icon to check out during your trip. Just make sure that they are open when you drop by.
One of the locals going in for a drink at the Blue Heeler Hotel Kynuna Qld  a (Brolga)
Ray and Pats Bus experiencing its second flat outside the Blue Heeler Hotel Kynuna Qld
Settling the stock down for the evening ready for the next day. If the sunset is any indication tomorrow will be a nice day as well.
That's what it looks like when a ton of meat is in the Air.
They believe in equal opportunity in Qld.
The Bulls do not mind giving some payback either to a Bull Fighter.
The Bulls really give you a ride at Camooweal in far West Qld.
All ages get involved in the events. Notice that Dad is keeping a close eye on things nearby.
Even the kids get into the action at Camooweal
The ladies are just as hard riding as the men.
Male Camp Draft entrant at the Camooweal Qld v's NT State of Origin Camp Draft and Rodeo 2014.
Glenda outside the Camooweal Health Centre. Let to Right, Glenda, with locals Tameika Holt, Tanya George, Karen Collas District Nurse, Sue Lanauze Ward Person & local stockman Graham Ellis.
A couple of Queensland's Finest at Camooweal from Mt Isa for the Rodeo Constable Aric Simmonds and on right Seargent Glen Arnold.
This was a quick photo we took while at the casino doing an interview with 104.1 FM and Daryl Manzie and Joe Miller standing behind us he was on the day our newest member of the Dr Wings Bike Force Family in Darwin the shows producer was on the left wishing to keep a low profile. Joe is also the media man for the Big 4 Howard Springs & Hayes Ck
Some of the crew having a coffee at the Casino in Darwin.
Some of the Dr Wings Bike Force Team with its newest member on the far left Peter Middleton. Peter lives at Howard Spring a suburb of Darwin just 30k's from the centre of town. The photo was taken at the front of the Bog 4 Holiday Park Howard Springs our Major Sponsor for the Top End section of our trip.
NT News         Paper Darwin
The Darwin coast line is breathtaking. It's a pity that you are unable to swim in it because of all the things that are waiting to bite you in there.
Peter is standing next to the last Flying F ONE Eleven of the Australian RAAF and its on display here.
This was such a unique opportunity to be in Darwin when they just happened to have two B52 American Bombers taking of for Guam. 2nd plane
This is the first of the two B52 Bombers taking of from Darwin Airport while we were their. He took of at a different angle to the second one marking it harder to get a good shot.
Glenda walking under the B52 Bomber on display at the aviation Museum in Darwin.
Inside the Bombay Doors of the B52 Bomber.
What its like in the cockpit of a B52 Bomber

You can not understand the size of this aircraft until you stand under or next to it or even a wheel. When you see a B25 Bomber plus a truck and a couple of other planes under one wing it really brings the enormity of it home.

WW11 Spitfire Fighter under the wing of the B52 Bomber.
This B25 Bomber is parked under the wing of the B52. The B25 is the Aircraft the Colonel Doolittle used to fly from aircraft Carriers to Bomb Japan During the WW11 Air raids.

From inside one of the many Oil Storage underground tanks in Darwin under the city. A must see if you are in Darwin, it brings the enormity of the need for more supplies during the War.

Those dots at the other end of the tank are full grown adults that looks like small ants.

One of the views from the Bunker that the Men would have had during the War, Possibly without the Trees and Shrubs in the line of sight.
One of the Bunkers that housed the big Guns that defended Darwin during WW2

Monte Dwyer

You may remember him for his television presenting the weather for the local ABC TV station, before being noticed by Channel 9 and given the same gig on their national breakfast show, Today, a role he performed from 1991 until he left in 2002 to continue his search for something.

Throughout his media career he has also been a produced playwright, an actor, a radio announcer,
a newspaper columnist, an author, a musician and a sometime journalist.

These days he juggles all these skills developing the Red in the Centre project, and has a sneaking suspicion he may have found what he was looking for.


We ran into him in Darwin at the


Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Darwin, Australia


As the sun dips into the Arafura Sea every Thursday and Sunday evening, most of Darwin descends on Mindil Beach; tables, chairs, rugs and eskies in tow.Food is the main attraction − Thai, Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese and Malaysian to Brazilian, Greek, Portuguese and more. Colorful arts and crafts vendors peddle their wares - handmade jeweler, natural remedies, artistic creations and unique fashion statements. Shop till you drop, catch a fire show, stop for a massage or be entertained by a procession of busker's, bands and talented performers as you wind your way through the palm lined boulevards of Mindil Beach Sunset Markets.

While we were there we spoke with Monte he told us about all the things he has been up to since leaving TV to start another chapter in his life .I then told him all about the work we were doing to make a difference for all Motorcyclists throughout Australia. He was very impressed in what we were doing as were we in his indevers and now We can say Monte Dwyer supports The MARI Initiative as well.

To get hold of a good read look at www.monte.com.au

He has a few good books for you to read such as

  • Book 1. The Australian Bush through urban eyes.
  • Book 2. Through a Crooked Lens.
  • Book 3. Looking for the Chord.
  • Book 4. The Nomads  at Large.

Bends, we have not had them for such a long time.
Our camp site in Litchfield Caravan Park Bachelor NT
The three Amigos.
Photo taken from viewing platform overlooking Tolmer Falls in Litchfield National Park.
Who knows what maybe lurking under the deck.
Beautiful walks.
Every thing is big in the territory.
A local Goana making a getaway at Wangi Falls.
Wangi Falls Litchfield National Park.  The swimming hole was closed due to a salt water croc scare . NT minister to clear the area for swimming.


Paul, Glenda and John

The size of these termite mounds has to be seen to be believed.

The sign says it all.

The asphalt runway still in very good condition. You will see the signs marking many such runways on your way to the top end.
The Aircraft Hanger still intact.
The four photos above are dedicated to the men and women that defended Australia during WW11
Just outside Daily Waters in the NT
A lone windmill in the middle of nowhere.
Here comes the troupes.
Very bright water tanks at Three Ways Road House.in the Territory.
Not much to see north of Alice Springs heading for Tennant Creek.
The crew at the Devils Marbles.
One of the many signs you pass during your trip through the Australian outback
The Echidnas are smart out in the Centre they stay undercover when its Hot.
The IVECO had a hick up with a Turbo Hose about 10k's north of Alice.
Had the triangles out to make sure the other motorists could see we were broken down.

A salute to Kenworth trucks in Australia. At the Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

Some of the team at Alice Springs, in front of the old Ghan Train at its home siding inside the Transport Hall of Fame. .
NT News         Paper Alice Springs

Some of the team Left to Right Paul,Ken, Glenda, Pat, Ray and John. displaying on our backs the route we are traveling throughout Australia.
Pat , Glenda and Ray at the Solar Panel plant Alice Springs.
( Paul thinking ) If I could pull an overtaking move on you I would,
Paul having a ball on a Camel at Alice Springs.

Ken, Glenda, Paul and John on Camels at the Alice.

The Camel at the bottom of photo Clyde was Pauls and the other Masie was Johns.Photo was taken on the move


The lead Bull Camel named  partner waiting for us to get on board.

Previously the stead for Jennifer Hawkins, Delta Goodrem and Steve Erwin.


Boy you get a good view from the back of a Camel.
1912 Deluxe 700cc V Twin on display up stairs.
A 1923 Indian Motorcycle on display.
All different years and makes and models.
Classic old trucks on display.
One incredible Emu
Ken & Glen having a rest checking out all the displays.
Ken saying hello to a couple of the staff at the Transport Hall of Fame.
Shipping layout of the Darwin area
A Camel painting on a wood hand saw.
A post events calendar from 1929 to 1993
Looking back over the rear flat cars of the Ghan on its siding.
Inside the kitchen car of the Old Ghan Train.
A couple of Camels waiting for passengers to arrive for their ride.
Our camp site at the Transport Hall of Fame Alice Springs NT.
Did an interview with the team at the ABC.

Outside the Hospital at Alice Springs where I was a patient in casualty for a short time. After getting caught in the bad weather at Woomera I came down with mild pneumonia and they were able to fix this for me.


Ken and Glenda on right with Northern Territory and Alice Springs

RFDS Manager Michael Toomey

What a Nice Bloke and is having a Big Go for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Their display is first class.

An amazing Sunrise while we were at Curtin Springs in the NT.
John and Paul having an early morning Sunrise breakfast before leaving for The Alice.
Sunset at Curtin Springs looking back at Mt Connor.
A 4 trailer road train fuel tanker passing by Curtin Springs Cattle Station.
Pat Baker walking the base of Ularu.
Glenda standing in the mouth of a cave at the base of Ularu.
One of the many signs in Ularu Park.
Ken standing at the base of Uluru and the very hard walk to the top. The black speck you can see on the worn path is someone attempting to walk to the top. Notice that Ken is wearing a mesh net on his hat as the fly's can carry you away.
Noel and Lynn Cook waiting for the rest of the group to catch up.
Lasseter Highway about to enter Uluru National Park.
The shower Block at Curtin Springs.
The toilets at Curtin Springs
Tremendous Sunrises at Curtin Springs
Road Trains of Camels of to Market a common sight.
They have a pet Emu walking around so watch where you walk at night you may step on it.
They have some beautiful little Parrots for you to check out.
Mt Connor near Curtin Springs NT on the Lasseter Highway.
130 K Speed Limit woopy
Glenda was happy to cross the NT boarder.
It would be nice if they put an occasional bend in the road.

When you have been driving through the outback on Australian roads for

days you get inventive with your photos.

As the sun comes up you can see mounds of tailings dumped as far as the eye can see.
Loading the bikes in the dark.
Loading the van for an early morning start for Curtain Springs
Oasis Caravan Park Coober Pedy
What one of the early inland sea inhabitants would have looked like.
A central view overlooking Coober Pedy Golf Course.
Very hard back breaking work
What it was like underground as an opal minor.
A photo of Coober Pedy from a high advantage point.
Some of those residing in the Cemetery have also unique names as well.
Above one of the unique graves in the Coober Pedy Cemetery
A dig site at Coober Pedy SA
Having a meal in and underground restaurant Coober Pedy SA

In the middle of the room is a pulpit from witch the priest holds the service.

The tour guide is in the brown cardigan out front telling us about the church

and how it came to be built.



Entry to church is a steep down hill walk.

A lot of these dugouts are 22 metres below ground with a constant temperature of 24 degrees C


The sculpter completed his work before returning to NZ and shortly after he passed away.

Ceiling and walls cut from rock


Greek Church at Coober Pedy built into the side of a hill and underground
From the road entering Coober Pedy you will notice mounds of soil as far as you can see. Next to the mounds are exposed holes so you need to watch your step as each hole is over 20 ft deep.

Entering the Greek underground Church at Coober Pedy.

It was about 8 degrees on the day.


Don't you love it when the weather turns in the blink of an eye. We were not prepared for an instant change in the weather. One minute it was a nice day at about 23 Degrees  then it was about 4 to 7 with like ice mixed

in with rain coming down on us.

An outback truck stop Glendambo SA
This should make Ray & Pats bus go now, do you think they will miss the rocket.

The old barracks at Woomera that have also been used for asylum seekers.

Tourist information area at Woomera.

The vehicles parked in the rest bay at Woomera SA.

I see you at Woomera SA.
All sorts of plains and missiles on display from yesteryear.
A rocket on display at Woomera SA

At the Woomera Turn Off.
Early morning wake up at Big 4 Port Augusta SA. Getting ready for a long days ride to Woomera then onto Coober Pedy.
Lynn, Pat & Glenda

Welcome to SA


Ray and Pat Baker Dr Wings Members outside Silverton Hotel NSW 

Ken doing an interview with a reporter at channel seven news. Getting the word out about MARI and the need to donate to the RFDS.

Kate Somers Video Journalist

Southern Cross Austereo

Ken and Glenda with a reporter

Erica Visser


for the Barrier Truth News Paper Broken Hill
bdtsig Broken Hill
The team inside with the base manager Susanne Williams
From inside the cock pit of a RFDS Plain.
Inside one of the plains with doctor Catherine Palmqvist as she explains what happens during flight caring for a patient in the air.
Inside the hanger at Broken Hill base. They have four plains are are always servicing and airplane as the servicing for all the RFDS plains is carried out at Broken Hill base.
Inside the Aircraft Hanger of the Royal Flying Doctor Base Broken Hill
The photo above is of Ken and Glenda on channel 7 news Broken Hill
Ken and Glenda with two of the team at ABC Broken Hill Radio Station.
Live on air at ABC Broken Hill, telling all about MARI and the RFDS.
Getting ready for a quick ride out of town Broken Hill.
Looking down the main st Woolcania NSW any time of the day.
The DR Wings Bike Force at Cobar NSW.
Dubbo RFDS Base hanger NSW
All the crew at the RFDS Base in Dubbo NSW

Daily Liberal     Dubbo NSW

Two of the bar maids at the Rabbit Trap Hotel.
A view of the cabins at Albert, the Rabbit Trap Hotel
Rod and family presenting Glenda and Ken with a cheque for DR Wings.
Forbes Advocate News Paper
Early morning outside the Rabbit Trap Hotel
The sign above tells the story
Some of the crew parked on the side of the road at Merriwa NSW day one of our trip throughout Australia.

Support photo for M.A.R.I taken at Gosford on the 14th March 2014

In attendance we had State Member Chris Holstein, Representatives of the Gosford Highway Patrol & Brisbane Waters Ambulance Service. Also we had representation from the MARI team and DR Wings Bike Force members and supporters.


All the emergency services join together to show their support for M.A.R.I

the Bush Telegraph News Paper Mt Colah and Berowra area
Everyone lining up to be escorted from the Sydney traffic by three Highway Patrol Officers.

The group at launch outside the Delacy Building Darlinghurst Sydney

Launch 8th March 2014

 Hospital Staff, volunteer coordinators, Associate Professor Steven Faux, 2 Highway Patrol officers, Fire Chief and crew men, George and Charis Schwarz- founders of M.A.R.I, NSW Fire & Rescue Team, MARI Team Members, Assistant Police Commissioner John Hartley, more Mari and Conn our friend from Darlinghurst Fire Station.


At the studio of Triple HHH FM Radio Hornsby Promoting MARI

Presenter Andrew Willoughby Producer Peter Thompson

Warren Buffett from MARI and the BMW Touring Club of NSW

And Myself Ken Lovegrove Spokes Person  for MARI and SMCC

Riding out for MARI at St Vincent's Launch on the 8th March 2014 we had on the day the Two people that started it all George and Charis Schwarz along with Associate Professor Dr Steven Foax, Assistant Police Commissioner John Hartley accompanied by several Highway Patrol Officers, with Fire Dept Superintendent and staff of Darlinghurst Fire Station,Hospital staff from Fund Raising - Social Worker - and Volunteer Departments at St Vincent's, the eight members certified to carry out the work of MARI within the hospital, Members of the Dr Wings Bike Force that have taken on the job of getting the word out about MARI to as many people as possible, Members of the BMW Touring Club of NSW along with those from Sydney Motor cycle Club all we could not do this work without.
Central Coast Express Advocate News Paper

Received a Donation fromLions Club Australia The Entrance Lions Club

to get things started




Ray and Pat Baker DR Wings members outside the Silverton Hotel.

April 2014

A debriefing after M.A.R.I launch at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst 8th March

Left to Right MARI Delegates Paul Evans, Paul Crfacknel, Ken Lovegrove, Warren Buffett.

Members of Sydney Motorcycle Club in Merriwa NSW supporting the DR Wings trip throughout Australia
Ken and Glen and some of the crew at ABC Radio Station Broken Hill
Glenda and Ken being presented with a cheque from Rod , Meryl & Daughter at the Rabbit TRap Hotel after a fund raising night.
Noel Cook, Tom Pennell, Lynn Cook and Ken Lovegrove having a break in the Lions Park Merriwa.

Immanent arrest.

I'm Screwed.

Marshalling for ride through town.

Ray Baker Dr Wings Representative with members of Surrey Hills Highway Patrol

Think I'm caught.

(George & Charis Schwarz) leaving the launch outside St Vincent's Darlinghurst
(Paul Cracknel) Dr Wings Member
A good collection of bikes and riders attended on the day.
Displaying IMG_1746.jpeg
Displaying IMG_1717.jpeg
Displaying IMG_1727.jpeg

Ken and Glenda at Australia Day display in Martin Place Sydney for the Motor Cycle Council of NSW

and Flying the Flag for MARI 2014

Some of the Central Coast Riders Branch of Ulysses at Martin Place Sydney Australia Day 2014
Jim Harrison Pre's CCRB at Australia Day Celebrations 2014
Displaying IMG_1732.jpeg
Displaying IMG_1745.jpeg
Displaying IMG_1737.jpeg
FORD Mustang Muscle Car at Australia Day Celebrations 2014
Glenda standing amongst the bikes at Martin Place.
And Old Restored Woody in the Macquarie Street Display Australia Day

Photos above taken from above Dead Horse Gap in the Snowy

Mountains towards Thredbo 2011

Riding up the Alpine Way
From Car park at Thredbo
Thredbo Ski Slopes ready for snow

Bottom left corner shows Kangaroos in fore

ground and Snow on the Mountain Tops

at GEEHI Reserve

Map above showing location of huts in the Snowy Mountains .Pointing at Geehi Reserve

Lots of information around on the area to read.

The info above is about Geehi Hut

and how it came to be.

John Smith with his Gold Wing Trike on

his way to the Kosciuszko Rally

I Wonder where he was when this photo was taken

A silly old fart fixing his bike at the rally. I wonder

if he has done this before.( in house joke)

The crowd thickens with anticipation.

Back water of the Snowy River

camp site Snowy Rally

Ice on the ground at Yarrangobilly near

Tumut Snowy Rally

The Old Homestead in the background

Yarrangobilly Snowy Rally

Fred's Yamaha Out-fit Complete with Axe,

Chainsaw and all his camping gear.

Memories or hard times litter the landscape.

The boys sitting around the fire it was about

three degrees in temperature.

Snow has fallen on the mountain tops. Frost on

the ground puddles of water are frozen over.

Rugging up for a cold ride home. Not much

protection on the Harley Davidson.

Mike Van in the background, always ready to

lend a hand. The girls are trying to warm up.

Fred and Nelly rugged up and about to leave

Geehi for the ride home 2011

Harsh mountain roads near Khancoban Snowy

Mountains National Park NSW

The Snowy Mountains Rescue Chopper.
A country road near Albert / Tottenham NSW
Morning Tea stop Binnaway NSW
Collie Hotel Collie NSW

Members of Sydney Motor Cycle Club yes


Gee Trevor the pants are bright, you must have

got them for free, Yeah I did. Wellington NSW

Jerry's Cafe Kulnurra NSW a good place for a coffee.

At Kulnurra waiting for all the crew to arrive on

the Central Coast NSW

Members of SMCC gathering before going on a

ride south at the cross roads Liverpool .

Motor Cyclists gather from all over for the

raffle Draw Yarrangobilly ( Snowy Rally ) NSW

How is this for a unique Trailer behind a bike.
Everyone rugged up it was bloody cold.

A water fall in Kangaroo Valley just in from

Bowral NSW

The battlement entry onto a sandstone bridge

Kangaroo Valley NSW

The boys chilling out at Big 4 Caravan Park

Forbes NSW

SMCC members stopped for lunch Budgewoi

Hotel on the Central Coast NSW

The Three Amigos, in a rest stop shelter on the Oxley Highway heading into Walcha September 2009

Left to Right, Robert Newbury, Ken Lovegrove, Tom Pennell, and Glenda Lovegrove behind the Camera.

About Us

              The "DR Wings Bike Force" are based on the Central Coast and in Sydney. The Initiative was formed from members of the MARI team based at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst Sydney.The team consists of members from the Sydney Motorcycle Club, BMW Touring Club of NSW also Members of the Ulysses Club & lastly the Committee For Safer Motorcycle Routes in the HUnter. Some of them have been involved first hand with motor cycle accidents and know exactly what a patient is going through or has cared for one that has been there before. All this knowledge helps others to adapt and get moving again quicker in both mind and body.