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What is Mari


The information on this page will change in the coming months as more hospitals come on board with the DR Wings / M.A.R.I concept.

How M.A.R.I started and what it's all about.

M (Motorcycle) A (Accident) R (Rehabilitation) I (Initiative)




MARI began in May 2007 with a $30,000.00 donation from a couple of Veteran Riders who had never had an accident in 40 years and wanted to payback. Funds raised among fellow - riders by the sale of there retrospective saga "Highlights of The Road",were accepted by there local hospital. A special purpose trust fund was set up for providing rehabilitation services to those injured in motor cycle accidents presenting at ST Vincent's Hospital Emergency Department and to fund efforts to collect and report on patient outcome for those treated ..Three departments of this motor cycle friendly Hospital collaborated to set up a service offering practical post-accident help to sort out insurance, legal, mobility, physical and emotional pain issues before they got worse. All riders are being identified fifteen percent of these have required assistance and all others have been assured of future help. This unique initiative is, by example,well on the way to benefit those riders using our roads.

Donations made to the Account listed at St Vincent's goes only to St Vincent's Hospital and not to the MARI campaign throughout NSW and beyond. You can donate to MARI and the work carried out by the DR WINGS BIKE FORCE by

Totally funded by the public and corporate donations.

Donate to [ M.A.R.I Australia Incorporated

                   Account Number 1045 5574

                   BSB 062-318

                   Westfield Shopping town Tuggerah ]

All Donations are great fully accepted

Contact Ken Lovegrove on 0449 186 761 for more information.

Nursing staff in ward 7 South at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

with Glenda in the middle of them. Their care is excellent.

Well trained Physio Staff in ward on hand to get you going again.

and Glenda is with them on the left.

The mobile Physio Team are always on hand to solve any movement problems while

you are recovering after surgery, with Glenda in the middle of them.

The treatment you receive from all the staff from the time you pass through the front doors of this hospital is of a very high standard, they are definitely setting the bar high for others to follow.

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Dan and Yasmine, social workers at St Vincent's and Sacred Heart Darlinghurst.

Yasmine is also the Hospital Liaison for M.A.R.I

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Timothy Small, Orthopedic Surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst. An Excellent Doctor.

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Associate Professor Steven Faux, the Director at the rehabilitation unit, pain management specialist at St Vincent's, and one of the driving forces of M.A.R.I

The photos above were while I was in Hospital in St Vincent's late April 2015. I was undergoing a left hip replacement when I came down with Blood Clots. Recovering well now though at home, after the great care taken by all staff concerned during my stay.


About Us

              The "DR Wings Bike Force" are based on the Central Coast and in Sydney. The Initiative was formed from members of the MARI team based at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst Sydney.The team consists of members from the Sydney Motorcycle Club, BMW Touring Club of NSW also Members of the Ulysses Club & lastly the Committee For Safer Motorcycle Routes in the HUnter. Some of them have been involved first hand with motor cycle accidents and know exactly what a patient is going through or has cared for one that has been there before. All this knowledge helps others to adapt and get moving again quicker in both mind and body.



Ken Lovegrove

First Contact for DR Wings Bike Force & MARI


Address : Based on the Central Coast NSW

PO Box 8140 Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

E-mail :    ken1drwings@gmail.com

Phone :    0449 186 761