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About Us

      The DR Wings Bike Force is a group of volunteer enthusiast riders and passengers that have banded together to make a difference for all motorcyclists.


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Some of the "DR WINGS BIKE FORCE" and their supporters

      Over the past few years we have been involved in raising funds for

Camp Quality,

The Children's Hospital at Westmead,

Cancer Ward Gosford Hospital,

The Red Cross Blood Challenge,

ST Johns First Aid,

The Royal Flying Doctor Service,

Children's Ward Gosford Hospital,

Dr Wings Bike Force Trip throughout Australia.

in 2014

for the past 7 years M.A.R.I ( The Motor Cycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative ) at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.  This helps those Motorcyclists that are in the immediate catchments of St Vincent's area of Sydney.

  At St Vincent's Hospital the staff have been driven by A/Prof Dr Steven Faux – Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr Faux has spent many years gathering and checking information about Motorcycle accident victims. This enables him to put together a quick response towards a rider or passengers speedy recovery.

This recovery starts in the Hospital wards and continues at their home. A  Dr Wings Bike Force Volunteer will keep in contact with a patient until he or she has no further need for our help.

                  The driving forces behind the team are Warren Buffett, Glenda & Ken Lovegrove who are passionate towards getting as many volunteers involved with MARI initiative as possible.

                  We endeavor to travel around the country, telling all that will listen about MARI initiative and the work done by the Dr Wings Team. And all the ways they can get involved and help to make a difference for all Motorcyclists.

                  The M.A.R.I Initiative has now been in existence now for over seven years. Work within Hospitals such as St Vincent’s done by the Dr Wings Bike Force and Hospital staff members has been speeding up the recovery of Motorcycle Accident patients. This has been by way of physical and well as mental health areas. Along with visitation in hospital we offer the patients reading literature such as Motorcycle Magazines.

                  The list is growing daily and we expect many more to be available in the near future. This will assist us greatly, to be able to supply a patient with a magazine that they normally read in their every day life.



                     1/ On the 8th of March 2013 between 8.30am and 10.30am we had our launch at the old St Vincent's hospital Darlinghurst Sydney. On hand we had the Assistant Police Commissioner, Highway Patrol escort for us, Doctors & Emergency Medical staff, hospital dignitaries and more including the Fire Brigade and Ambulance services have been invited to attend. We will have media from newspapers as well as radio in attendance.

                     2/ Then on the 15th March 2013 we will be holding a similar thing with the local Mayor and Highway Patrol Police at either Gosford waterfront or at The Entrance in the Car Park next to channel. Time to be set but most likely the same as in Sydney between 8.30am and 10am.


                     3/ On the 26th April 2014 the DR Wings Bike Force for MARI set off over Australia covering 16,500 k's in just 50 days for charity. All motorcyclists are welcome to do sections of this trip with us. Those wishing to do a section can either copy the Ride information form attached in Funds, fill it out and e-mail it back or contact me and I will flick them the information. Any assistance that you can give will be greatly appreciated by all concerned. 


                            4/ On the 21st June 2015 we set of on our Queensland leg to get the initiative into as many hospitals as possible throughout the state. After over completing more than 6,500 K's we returned home on the 17th July. The trip was very successful and gained the support of Hospitals and Riders from Cairns to The Gold Coast as well as Moree and Tamworth along the way.


                             5/ This time on the 8th June we are off to Victoria and Melbourne. To hold presentations with Hospitals and seminars with riders over 3 days. At the same time we will be holding seminars and talking with hospitals and riders in the Albury and Wodonga area or NSW and Victoria. The push into Victoria was a huge success. We now have the initiative preparing for volunteers at Royal Melbourne, Epworth and the Alfred Hospitals and Campuses attached to them.


                             6/ Early August we start our Sydney Club Visits. We will be hosting seminars with as many motorcycling groups as we can organise. Preparing them to have volunteers available to assist hospitals with motorcyclists needing assistance in so many ways.

About Us

              The "DR Wings Bike Force" are based on the Central Coast and in Sydney. The Initiative was formed from members of the MARI team based at St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst Sydney.The team consists of members from the Sydney Motorcycle Club, BMW Touring Club of NSW also Members of the Ulysses Club & lastly the Committee For Safer Motorcycle Routes in the HUnter. Some of them have been involved first hand with motor cycle accidents and know exactly what a patient is going through or has cared for one that has been there before. All this knowledge helps others to adapt and get moving again quicker in both mind and body.


Ken Lovegrove

First Contact for DR Wings Bike Force & MARI


Address : Based on the Central Coast NSW

PO Box 8140 Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

E-mail :    ken1drwings@gmail.com

Phone :    0449 186 761